Rhino 7 and Enscape 4 - Error: Rhino7Plugin.dll


We just started to get this error on a users machine (Win11/Full Admin Access). When opening Rhino7, a popup appears that Enscape can’t open and that a Rhino7.Plugin.dll is required.

I’ve uploaded the error here:

its failing to load enscape.Rhino7.plugin.dll

Do you have any of the conflicting plugins they mention?

You can disable 3rd party plugins for testing via File>Properties>Plugins , restarting Rhino is req’d after changes

The error doesn’t say anything about conflicting plugins - but when I get on the users machine I will try your suggestion.

On the Enscape page i linked they mention a couple, there could be others as well.

" Note: There are conflicts with two other Revit plugins: Colorizer and Techviz. To avoid incompatibilities, please uninstall them before using Enscape."

Those weren’t installed on the system…