Rhino 6 x Plankton issue

i get this error;

  1. Solution exception:expected PlanktonMesh, got PlanktonMesh

How can I solve this?

I think this could maybe be caused by 2 different versions of the Plankton library getting loaded.
Which files do you have in your libraries folder?
Also, which components is this happening with, and are you referencing Plankton from a script or compiled component?

Hello Daniel, thank you for your response.
I have checked for, and deleted, any duplicates/different versions of the Plankton library.
I have both the .gha and .dll files for Plankton in my libraries folder; they are not blocked either.
It is happening with the Python Script component…

What happens if you reference the Plankton.gha from your Python script (and not PlanktonGh.dll)?

still no luck using .gha instead, nor with using both. :frowning: could it be problematic that my grasshopper is v.1.0.0004?

I’m getting a similar error from Plankton, running in a GHpython component,
“expected PlanktonHalfedge, got PlanktonHalfedge”. This error appeared in a script that was fully functional 2 days ago, the only difference I can spot is that I installed Firefly in the meantime. So what’s going on ?