Rhino 6: wrong signs of negative tolerances

Hi @lowell,

how to set two negative tolerances without the additional wrong signs?



Hi Michael - that looks buggy to me - you can fix it by deleting the “-” that is in front of the tolerance number in Properties and leave it with no sign at all.



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Hi Michael -
You can’t do that now.
Is that a common thing in Germany?
I’ll see if I can fix it so you can.



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I think that might be applicable anywhere. It just means that the value has to be less than the indicated dimension in all cases and it specifies the range it should fall into…

Yes, I get the intent. I’ve just never seen it used.

Many thanks to Michael for passing on my report.

Here is an example that I copied from my table book.
It shows the standardised dimensioning of a minus tolerated stud.

best regards