Rhino 6 with 3 screens

Is there anyone here who uses latest Rhino 6 with 3 screens?
No problem?
If not, which graphics card do you use?
A customer has a problem with a Quadro M 4000.
The toolbars do not stay in place at each Rhino exit :frowning:
Rhino V6 works if it removes a screen
Rhino V5 worked well on these 3 screens.
Any suggestion?

Not exactly sure what you mean by “toolbars do not stay in place”…do you mean that if you have toolbar open, close Rhino and reopen Rhino toolbar is in different position?
Mine is set to screen 2(middle) as a default and everything is working as expected.
Geforce 980TI
Version 6 SR13
(6.13.19003.4411, 03/01/2019)

Yes exactly !

Are you running multiple instances of Rhino concurrently?

I don’t have an answer to why this is happening, but I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with which graphics card is installed.

Hi Philippe - one thought - if the user is running Rhino maximized, have them ‘restore’ the Rhino window and then resize it by hand to be almost as large as maximized. Arrange the toolbars and then maximize. Close and re-open… any better?

@Philippe_Pigeard1 - I know it is not much, but it might be worth a try.


If it has nothing to do with the graphics card then why it works well if you disconnect a screen on the 3? The management of the Rhino display has been optimized in version 6 and I think that the problem comes from that. This also explains why it worked well in V5 with 3 screens. Rhino has always struggled to work properly on Quadros. That’s why we recommend GForce. FYI attached the specs of the M4000 graphics card.75509_DS_NV_Quadro_M4000_US_NV_HR.pdf (590.3 KB)

Toolbar display and management have nothing to do with OpenGL and display drivers. That is all I’m pointing out. It is highly unlikely that a different GPU or driver would change this.

I suspect the bug is somewhere else. @JohnM wrote the toolbar code and may have an idea of what could be causing this.

Hi @stevebaer,

FYI I have a surface book which I sometimes connect to a hi def monitor to give me two screens. Until recently the desktop icons migrated to the hi def monitor when I plugged it in, regardless of which screen was set to primary. Then MS issued a driver update and the desktop icons stopped migrating. You wouldn’t think a driver update would change how the desktop elements were rendered but it did.

There are probably 101 reasons why the rendering of the Rhino app is different from the MS desktop and so the two are not analogous, but I mention it just in case there are not…


Whenever the customer opens Rhino 6 on his machine that has 3 screens he has this.
His toolbars are never in the same place :disappointed_relieved:
It works perfectly with 2 screens.

I’ll add some information about this problem. These have been done :

Problem occurs on all screens when opening the application.
Maximize / minimize / resize don’t change toolbar start position.

Only with 1x Asus screen : Problem
Only with 1x Samsung : OK
3x Samsung (recent model): Problem
2x Samsung (1 recent, 1 older) : OK

Where does the application stores its configuration for Window position and toolbar ?


Our customer has found the solution.
He switched to newer screens.

From my analysis, the screen driver may be different and return CAPabilitieS in a different way which match his software.

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