Rhino 6 Wishlist: Sketchup like command/character to face active camera


It would be really handy to have an option to apply a script/command to an object/single plane to orientate it towards the active camera, similar to the way people do in Sketchup.

I often add people to scenes in Illustrator or by hand within the 3D model.

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2D Face Me People for Rhino
(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Andy - see how this works - save, then drag and drop to add the alias

CleaarFaceCamera (to remove objects that pay attention to the above command)

FaceCamera.rvb (5.0 KB)



Also an interesting script from the past - it allow to define billboard objects and to turn the object per second command. So, this script can be used for Bongo animations, where you can start a script before each next frame. Objects doesn’t need to be selected anymore.

I setup two button like this:
Allign Billboards to camera
-_LoadScript “C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\Extra\V4-RotateMapped.rvb” o

Select Billboards
-_LoadScript “C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\Extra\V4-RotateMapped.rvb” s


V4-RotateMapped.rvb (2.1 KB)

Face Camera for groups of surfaces

Thanks Pascal,

I’ll have a look at that today, it’ll be really helpful.

@crazybunny try this script out, it should help you.


That’s a really cool toy outside of Grasshopper, thank you. Reminds me of a mirror I saw at an art gallery in Istanbul. The face of the mirror was broken up into small squares which were on actuators, with a camera in the middle of the sculpture. As people moved or walked past, the mirrors moved to mimic the shape/shadow mush the same way this does.

Face_Camera.3dm (19.0 MB)


Hello Micha

Does “V4-RotateMapped.rvb” script run in Rhino V5 ?



Yes, today tested and it’s working.