Rhino 6 Wish List - Fillets

Is it possible to set up some form of history or hierarchy for commands that run concurrently?

As an example, if I’m booleaning holes for screws, can the operation ask me if I want to apply the same fillets to the inner and outer radii - right click accept etc?

So rather than subtract a hole and then give the rim a 0.25mm fillet then the bottom of the hole a 0.1mm rad internally it asks me if it should apply the same command… Even if the diameter of and depth of the hole is different or, might be asking too much but a different shape?

Might sound a bit lazy but I boolean a lot of stuff and it would save quite a lot of time towards the end/detailing part of a project.

Failing that it would be great if we were able to set up a library of fillets so, say the last 5 dims were flagged and you could chose one of them rather than having to type it in each time.

Some of the reverse engineering work I do requires a bit of guess work, i can’t always ascertain what the fillets are without testing a few to see what they look like when applied.