Rhino 6 + WIP taskbar question

Hi - does anybody know how to make it work when I RMB-click on the taskbar Rhino 6 app to open another instance, to get rid of WIP and still have Rhino 6 there?
Tried changing the file association of 3dm to Rhino 6 but the WIP always comes up in when going via taskbar. I really only want to use WIP in selected cases and keep working in Rhino 6…




I don’t see that here but I always shift click on Rhino taskbar icon to open another instance

thanks, somehow here Shift+Taskbar app click does nothing… I have to RMB and then pick from the popup menu.

Strange, maybe one of the others listed here?

middle-mouse button click on the icon opens another instance

Shift+LMB or MMB clicks on running Rhino on Taskbar do nothing for me.
Any other ideas for the WIP not to show up when I am trying to run another Rhino 6 ?

EDIT: These work once I pin Rhino 6 to taskbar. I used to launch new instance by right-clicking running app from taskbar and picking to launch new instance from there, now Rhino WIP appears when I do so from Rhino 6 running instance. I still would prefer to do that, so any ideas for a fix would be appreciated. thanks!

I do not experience your issue. Right-clicking Rhino button shows Rhino6 and the WIP shows WIP.

But then, again, I use most used apps pinned to the taskbar.