Rhino 6 (WIP) - OnDuplicate/OnDraw


I’m working with Rhino 6 Work In Progress(6.0.16126.20451, 05/05/2016). Currently I was experimenting with CustomBrepObjects and I have some questions about the calls inherited from OnDraw and OnDuplicate:

  1. OnDuplicate Method is not called when the object is duplicated (moving with the mouse or moving it with the gumballs). Rhino 5 was calling this method. Is this a bug? Exists any workwaround for this?

  2. In Rendered mode, If I remove the call to base.OnDraw method, Rhino is drawing the RenderMesh. Should the method work this way? For me, it shouldn’t paint anything if the base.OnDraw is not being called.

  3. In Rhino 5 the OnDraw method wasn’t called in Rendered Mode unless the object was selected. This is going to be solved in Rhino 5?

Im attaching a sample project, you can try it with both (Rhino WIP and Rhino 5) to see what’s happening. OnDraw.zip (38.2 KB)


EDIT: I’m using RhinoCommon

I created a bug for this at
I probably won’t be able to fix this soon since I’m deep into other work at the moment.

Thank you Steve,

By the way, it is also happening with the CustomMeshObjects (so it’s probably affecting all the custom objects).


OnDuplicate should be fixed in the next WIP

Thank you Steve, I will check it :slight_smile: