Rhino 6 Windows Commands and Buttons Unresponsive

I’ve been working in my rhino file with a Vray Render running simultaneously for several hours. Seemingly randomly (no new or unusual commands were run), my commands no longer do anything (though I can type them in, without autocomplete). I can click the buttons on the toolbars but they don’t do anything (though their click animation and tooltips still function). I can not drag a selection box in the viewport or click objects. However, if I right click> select object on a layer, the objects are still selected and the gumball appears, but I am unable to drag them with the gumball arrows. The escape key does nothing. File Menu Items are clickable, but do nothing (though the text “Command:_save” still shows up). I can still an and zoom normally. If I open another instance of Rhino it works normally.

I am in the middle of a ~48 hour render and really don’t want to restart rhino. Is there any other options that I can try without closing rhino? Until then I will use another instance of this file and work in read-only mode

Hello - I do not have a better idea.