Rhino 6 Will Not Open - Showing "Please Wait..." Window


Rhino recently crashed on me while working on a large (7GB) file on Windows PC. Now, after trying to open any file (even a blank file in SafeMode), the Rhino start-up window pops-up along with a loading bar that says “Please Wait…” which cycles endlessly, never opens a Rhino starting file, and then eventually disappears after 20 minutes.

Is there any way I can go about fixing this without uninstalling/re-installing (and presumably having to re-enter my license code)?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Check to see if you have any “Ghost Rhinos” still running in task manager… If so, you need to kill those.

Then, if that doesn’t help, I might try first to repair the Rhino install -
Go to Control panel>Programs>Uninstall/Change program, find Rhino 6 in the list, right click on it and select “Change”, then press the Repair button in the splash screen that comes up…

Problem solved! Thank you so much!