Rhino 6 will not open all files

Rhino 6 will open some files and others not.

Can’t figure out why some files can be opened and why some can’t. There isn’t much of a correlation between the ones that are being opened and the ones that aren’t.

Any thoughts?

It’s just guessing without a specific example.
Can you post a small file that acts this way please?

V5 Rockwell Medical- 20x20 Redesign- 01.23.20 v2.3dm (13.9 MB)

Weirldy enough, my coworker can open this file without a problem but when I do, the command box says, “Loading V-Ray for Rhino, version 4.10.02 (Nov 6 2019)”

After a second it all crashes and the window disappears without an error box or anything like that.

Hi Mike - that file opens without problems here - but I don’t have V-Ray.
It looks like there’s an issue with V-Ray on your system…
Could you try to disable V-Ray and see if the file opens then.

You are totally right. There is a problem with V-Ray.

I disabled the plugin and it opened fine. Thank you.

Now to fix the V-Ray problem with ChaosGroup.

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