Rhino 6, WebGL export

i am just switching from rhino 5 to rhino 6.
In V5 i used the Autodesk WEBGL export plugin (formerlyVSR), which worked ok for me and was easy to set up.
when trying to install this on rhino 6, i get an error message: “No Rhino installation found. Aborting …”
any suggestions for a workaround?
or maybe better: any alternative plugins to export webGL from rhino?

You can check out #plug-ins:Iris. Download here: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/iris-export-rhino-models-web

thanks a lot for iris. quite what i was looking for. installed it on V5 on my old machine and will try later on the new one/V6.
one thing i realised during the first tests:
no matter which diplay mode i use (i have some with custom lighting), the html export always comes out with 6 or seven spots (seen as reflections in the model=a sphere). i also tried a shaded viewport and manually placed a spot, but this changes nothing. is it meant to work this way?

That might be the default lighting I create in the viewer. I will explore other lighting options to overcome this. Thanks for the suggestion.