Rhino 6 wacom


Buy 2 licences of Rhino6 month ago ,still can’t use it, so many bugs.
Last of them , i use wacom Intuos 4, Rhino 6 disable my pen set up, impossible to right clic.
Then close R6 and it freezes screen for 20 secondes.

Sooooo niiiiiceeeee !

Are you on windows 10?
Because i have a Wacom tablet and i have to do this to make it work, after an update windows 10 did (creator update i believe).

you may also want to disable pen tablet gestures (flicks) to achieve better responsiveness.

Hi Bruno

I’m with 7 64bit
Been tweaking wacom option and windows too years ago
Works very nice with Rhino5 pilots and drivers are up to date but still think R6 isn’t a final release
but WIP.