Rhino 6 UV Editor - Exploded Object

I am trying to make sense of the Rhino 6 UV Editor and when it does and doesn’t explode a joined object, with and without seams specified in Unwrap. I cannot find a consistent behavior to accurately wrap a box with an image (label) on all sides and flaps. I was able to successfully do in in one case, tried to repeat it, but it just exploded all sides and nests them, instead of retaining the shape/flat pattern of the box.
Any thoughts or best practices which would lend any consistency to this need?

Thank you,

Please post your file and respective image.

Here is the ‘box’ file and texture map.

00910 NYB Garlic Breadsticks 6ct 2019-10-09.3dm (1.6 MB)

@reberts Hi Rick,
Selecting the box shows 13 surfaces. When I look in the UV Editor it shows 169 meshes.; 13 copies of each of 13 parts? How did you build the ‘box?’

Can’t delete the extra copies? See msg. below. Not sure what to suggest.