Rhino 6 UI bug with snaps and filters resetting positions after restart

Hi, I have recently updated to Rhino 6 from Rhino 5. I keep view filters and snaps UI elements in the top bar as shown in the screenshot below.

Ideally this is how I would like it to look and what I had in Rhino 5

However, every time I close and open rhino, this is what it looks like:

I am running Version 6 SR7
(6.7.18199.22081, 18/07/2018)

We’ve had this one on our bug list for a while now - RH-43415
Apparently, the release target for this bug is set for Rhino 7.

Hi, thank you for the feedback @wim . However, this bug is causing serious UI issues for me. I have been experimenting with different layouts in regards to where various toolbars are locked to find a way around this bug. I am currently trying to keep the command and standard toolbar in-line on top and the osnap and filter selections in-line on the bottom. The issue is that every time I restart Rhino, the order of the top and bottom in-line elements is flipped, so I don’t even have a chance to get accustomed to a new layout.

Here is starting Rhino and how it looks like:

And then closing Rhino and starting it again it looks like this. notice the order has been flipped of the top UI components and the bottom UI components:

And then closing Rhino and starting it again, it looks like the first image, and so on, and so on.

I understand.
I don’t know why this was placed on the RH7 list.
I’m putting your comment in the bug tracker and perhaps @JohnM can comment further.
Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for looking into it.

This is a regression issue for us too. Half of office is bitching about it. The other half are just being nice.

Why is this not getting fixed for R6 again?

We still have about 10 installations that do this flipping back and forth thing. That’s what brought me here now. I was hoping to find that someone came up with a solution and I was just out of the loop.

Guess not.

Hi All - I don’t have any real information about what is going on with this but, a possible workaround to try is this:

If you run Rhino maximized, close all but one, restore it (i.e. no maximized), and ‘by hand’ stretch its main window out to be as near maximized as possible.
Arrange your toolbars
Maximize - assuming they stay how you like them, now close and re-open Rhino. Does that stick?


Hi Pascal,

No luck. I followed your suggestion but the Osnaps and filters still flip sides next time you open Rhino. What the users do is open Rhino, and if it’s on the wrong side they close and re-open.

One of our users didn’t have this issue until he updated to SR20. Another had this start happening when he added a third monitor. But disabling the third (even the second) monitor doesn’t make it behave.

I grabbed a copy of the .xml from each condition and compared them. Besides the position changes, there is another difference that appears when Rhino is opened the second time and the menus flip sides:

Maybe there’s a clue here?

I might as well attach the xml files in case anyone wants to examine them closer. They are renamed only after I copied them out of the users settings folder. The original names are intact on his computer.

window_position Right.xml (5.3 KB)
window_positions Left.xml (5.4 KB)



Can you try setting Read only flags on these files, so Rhino doesn’t overwrite them. Old gaming config trick.