Rhino 6 , two complaints

My first complaint, small but annoying, is that “Text Object” always opens in the center of the screen, and not where I placed it last (unlike in Rhino 5). This can be very annoying on a large screen and large file.
Second, is one that I had with Rhino 5 as well, but I would have imagined, would be fixed in 6. That is with having to divide in 2 every measurement for all from mid-point commands, like Extrude, Line-From-Midpoint etc. Last year someone from this forum (Jarek, thank you again) (! _Line _BothSides) was kind enough to help me by creating a button that allows me to input the full length of Line-From-Midpoint, instead of having to divide the number first. I use it everyday, multiple times. It saves me lots of time. I was hoping that Rhino 6 would come with a CommandPrompt option in all “from midpoint commands” for a “full length” measurement instead of half as standard when the command starts., and it stays that way until changed by user. Thanks so much . PS I like a lot of Rhino 6