Rhino 6 to illustrator CC18 export or print. Either options causes Illustrator to crash

Illustrator crashes when trying to use an exported Rhino file.

I installed Illustrator to Windows 8 as a zipfile from the help of Adobes team.
I havn’t used it beforehand because I just reinstalled everything on my PC.
Now I’m running Rhino 6 - trial version till I get my studentlicence in order.

I want to export my 2d plan drawing. Its quite big and has a lot of layers.
I will attach it here soon.

When exporting I select the entire drawing then move it to point zero.
Then I select export selected and choose ‘snapshot of current view’.
Then I don’t change the other parameters: RGB not CMYK and ‘export viewport boundary’.
Nothing else.
Press OK. I open in Illustrator and… It crashes as soon I try to work with it…

Rhino file

In Illustrator it announces:
‘This file contains text that has been opened in a previous version of illustrator (…)’
This doesn’t make sense to me. It’s directly exported from Rhino - how can it contain text from something beforehand?

Need more information please to find an answer. Look here: Guide

If you post the Rhino file, someone can test… What version of Illustrator?

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Hei Emilie - please don’t update your original post with new information - those who have read the first post with lacking information won’t see that you have added something.

I don’t have Illustrator and so I don’t know what works and doesn’t work there but perhaps someone else will…

Do you really export the entire drawing? Are you aware that there is some geometry that is very far away from what appears to be of interest? I placed two circles where other geometry is located in relation to the center of interest:

That other geometry is some 2 014 400 units away from the origin.

Also, there are 554 duplicates in that file. You might as well not export these.

Have you tried printing to PDF and importing that into Illustrator?

Hello, the culprits are those “cad blocks.com

Illustrator doesn’t like at all the zero point font (_ArialMT 0.0 Tf)
There is at least two block to edit (and maybe remove 9 leaders in the drawing)

here is the file in CS6 format (I would use a special scaling, but I did not)
16_1_500 Site og kontekst.zip (1.5 MB)


Yes I have tried to make a pdf print from Rhino - that might be another post in itself.
Here I have trouble getting the scale right.
If I choose to ignore the scale problem and just print it ‘as it is’ then Illustrator also crashes.
Is there a file size limit on a Rhino file to Illustrator?

So in future - I need to delete fonts from blocks before exporting?

Not necessarily , but these tiny ones, yes. It depends a lot on your scaling output…and I don’t know on which paper size you need to print.
Once scaled illustrator won’t open font below 0.1 pt

Hi -

Yes, please.

No, but as far as I understand, there is a page size limit in Illustrator that you might be running into.

You can set an A0 page size if needed.

There is two different things: the display and the capacity to load a file. Illustrator is quite good at loading.
I open big files with +700 layers in illustrator.
After that, maybe AI can open big files, but it depends on the graphic card to refresh the display due to the complexity of the scene, working with it can be a problem (almost impossible sometimes), I saw 10mb files on wich I could not work comfortably (too much hatches in example), and others of 45mb on which I still can work.

Currently I am working on a file that is 5 mb because it is compressed an not pdf compatible, but the same file from Rhino export should give about 45mb.

I have an NVIDIA Geforce GTX.
I got the pc because it’s a gamer pc from Lenovo. But I think I might need to rethink how I work in several programs at once and how much is stored on the pc.
To prevent it from slowing down when working on the files…

The maximum canvas size in Illustrator is 5770mm x 5770mm, so if your drawing is bigger than that, then you have to scale down your drawing.

About the rhino file size

I don’t know what’s going on with this file but its size is insanely big (606 Mb and 531 Mb once all duplicates objects are removed and after Purge (all) was done)…I have also deleted the background bitmap in it, all in vain, the file was always so big!

At the end… by cliking on the details of any objects I’ve found out that the Object’s User Data Plugin was not from Rhino type.
To check this I have exported the file to DWG.

Note: with a warning about skipped objects (it was the bicycle…so I exploded the curves inside the block manager, and also there was an issue with the trees (I SelBadObjects and have converted these bad curves to lines).

The resulting dwg file is 2.7 Mb, I opened it with rhino, and save it as 3dm, and the final size is now 5.3Mb, with no noticeable visual diference.

Maybe it’s off-topic but we have not every day a 600 Mb file to open.

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