Rhino 6 text still ugly, even in PDF output


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Does running the command TestGlyphy help any?

Yes, this is a GPU driver problem with how some drivers handle our text shaders. TestGlyphy is the best option for now. I’m working on a new technique for drawing text, but it isn’t done yet.


I have a recent Nvidia with vanilla driver.
How about making Rhino work with the most common setups, and make workarounds with funny names for the more exotic ones ?

Wouldn’t that be kind of smart ?

Sorry, I’m doing my best.

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Wow, you must write perfect bug free software for a living with such an arrogant comment.

You can’t be arrogant with a mainstream graphics card, but you can be
ironic with the CAD that fails to support it.
Choice of words my friend, choice of words…

You don’t think the rhino devs are smart? They’re your own arrogant words.

It’s all good Ncik, I’ve grown accustomed to moral improvment beatings😀 I can understand Olivier’s frustration in that a seemingly simple thing like text should “just work” on common GPUs. I did run tests on a bunch of nVidia cards and the technique we use works great on them. There are a few cases like Olivier’s where the code fails and unfortunately this is happening at the level where the OpenGL driver is interpreting our shaders.

I’m currently in the process of writing an entirely different technique for drawing text that I think will work all of the time and will open the door for us to possibly add other effects to the text in the future that we can’t do now. The initial prototypes are working well and I’m hoping to at least make this an option for text drawing by SR3. It should eventually become the default technique, but it’s hard to determine when that will be.

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I like that Steve. Moral improvement beatings😂. I will try to remember that one.

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Not a problem Steve, the reaction just seemed a bit over the top and got me riled up. Upon further investigation it appears to be a modus operandi for this user.

Morale improvement beating indeed! Love it.

Hi Steve,

TestGlyphy doesn’t cut it… well in fact it does : it eats away the right side of texts.
Nice to hear that you found a different technique that will perhaps work.
When you finally get the texts right, you might try to also find an entirely different technique for :

  • Blocks
  • Filetting
  • Shelling
  • Booleans
  • Move face
  • Meshes
  • Mesh split
  • Mesh booleans
  • Real-time 2D from 3D
  • … NURBS modeling in general

Man, you really need to fix that list to get the priorities straight!

Never mind the priorities, all that stuff should have been massively improved ages ago.
Instead, in the “New in V6” toolbar, there are earth-shattering novelties as :

  • An icon to launch Grasshopper !
  • Show curve ends !
  • Parabola from 3 points !
  • Select planar surfaces !

Amazing how much work can be done in just 7 years…

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Hopefully we will start our first release candidate of SR3 next Tuesday. All text in SR3 defaults to drawing using a new technique that I just finally got into the Rhino source.

I don’t know what else to say regarding your other posts here. If you are unhappy with V6 you can return it.

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Grasshopper 1.0 is the reason I made the upgrade, and why I hang to Rhino.

Text display in 6.3 uses a completely different technique. Please give it a try

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