Rhino 6 Text not visible in detail

Somehow text in the model view is not displayed in detail.
Tried “show in detail” / no layer is turned off for this detail.
Also not visible if i create a new detail.

I discovered the problem by myself.
I imported text from Rhino 5. In Rhino 6 this text is visible and has a text style (AnnotationStyle 05) and scales in layout!

I deselected layout scaling, now everything is visible.

I am facing the same issue and texts are belong to dimensions created in the rhino 6 document. Can you help or recommend some fixes on this @dale? thanks!

Hi @tahirhan,

You have not enough information for us to begin to understand what our issue is. Perhaps start by uploading a file you are struggling with?

– Dale

Hi @dale, I found that it is related to this topic and I solved that, thanks! Scaling dimension text size in detail view with Rhinocommon - #4 by tahirhan