Rhino 6 - text defaults to Arial

Hi Pavel,
What language is your Windows operating system set to?
What do you mean by “older arial-style text”?
Would you mind sharing your file?

Hi Alain, thank you for your response.
All our Windows are in Czech. (Two of us have Rhino6 in English, two in Czech)
By “older arial-style text” I mean any text that was created before the problem, or text created now (automaticly changed to arial black) and then manualy changed to Arial.
I am sharing the file now.
You can try “text” comand in the file and you will propably see font set to Arial black (Although styles are set to Arial)

Thanks a lot for the info. I made a fix for the problem that will go out in the next release.

Thank you.

I can confirm this behavior in “czech translated” Rhino also. When I annotated some models, the font has changed to Arial Black.

RH-53897 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

I confirm that it works for me now.
Thank you.

Great, thank you. I can confirm it works on my czech win 10 as well (using EN Rhino version)

hi, I have the same problem in my Rhino 5. the version is up to date.

I can not use any other font other then Arial.

I would like to use MS Gothic

PS: I cannot run systeminfo in Rhino 5, any other suggestions to give you the needed information?

Best regards

Hi Ralph - can you please copy and past the full Rhino version string that you can find on the About dialog box?

Also, please provide some more information on what happens when you try to use the MS Gothic font. Can you describe step-by-step what you do, including on how you start the Text command.

Hi Willem, (misschien kunne we het ook in het nederlands doen?)

See below the Rhino version:

Version 5 SR14 64-bit

(5.14.522.8390, 22-05-2017)


SN: 4-1500-0101-100-0051000-48040

OeO Studio, OeO Studio

I work on a Mac computer with Bootcamp:

I actually also found out that I do not have the annotation styles in my document properties, see below.


a window pops up, I choose Gotham light, I type a text, but at enter, the font changes back to Arial.

Another example: when I open a drawing from one of my colleagues, who work on Mac Rhino, they also use Gotnham, but on my computer it changes to Arial.

Hope you can help.

Best regards


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@rvdm1 - I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you in V5, and I believe you that it doesn’t.
There’s nothing I know of that might help. As you know, development on V6 is no longer open.