Rhino 6: TestSetToolTipDuration, bring it back



the most important command for real Rhino trainers is TestSetToolTipDuration.

Please bring it back in Rhino 6.



(Pascal Golay) #2

@JohnM - can we do that?


(John Brock) #3

Or put it in Advanced Settings

(Pascal Golay) #4

Yeah, that!



(John Morse) #5

Go to Options/Advanced Settings, type ToolTipDelay in the search box at the top then click on the arrow to the right of the setting and change the value.

(Wim Dekeyser) #6

Doesn’t get any hits here in advanced settings. That (or at least “ToolTip”) was the first thing I looked for when the request was posted…

(John Morse) #7

Sorry, it is ToolTipDuration

(Pascal Golay) #8

JB = Ahead of the curve.


(John Brock) #9

6.0, 6.2, and V7 WIP do not have that setting.

(John Morse) #10

The setting does not get added to the settings dictionary until it is referenced at least once so if you display a tooltip then go to settings it should be there.