RHINO 6 Surface/PolySrf Display Issue

Hi everyone,

I recently install Rhino and have some issues with display in perspective mode.

As you can see, all the srf and polysrf are cut by the view automatically. It’s very anoying and I cannot work properly.

Any idea or tips to fix it?

Best regards :wink:


looks a bit like this may be the “far from origin” problem. try switching to a larger model unit scale in the document properties.

Switching to a larger model unit scale, such as meters rather than millimeters, and then rescaling the objects will result in a loss of precision. If the problem is distance from origin a better solution is to move the geometry closer to the origin. One method for doing so is described here: Objects Too Far From the World Origin [McNeel Wiki]

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I support what @davidcockey said, especially for big ships this is not an option.
I cannot grasp why people find it a normal thing and noone is working on a fix.


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