Rhino 6 still unusable


Yes, true. That’s why it’s on the “in-the-near-future-todo” list. And it’s not soo much work. I’ve done it many times


The Media Creation Tool from Microsoft helps you to make an up to date USB UEFI install stick, no need to search for the right win version, it downloads the lates ISO from microsoft onto the stick. You don’t really need to do much yourself, just make sure you get a decent USB stick that has good read and write performance, otherwise it might take unnecessarily long.




And if you do it on a new drive then you can always go back to using the old one if the new installation wasn’t worth it, before completing the full transfer of all data. It really is a fast process and can save all of us others for some valuable bug-tracking-for-you-time :wink:


Yes, yes, yes… got the message :roll_eyes:

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@stevebaer @jesterking Just wanted to flag/bump that on high dpi screens, particularly with low end or integrated GPUs (ie. 4K ultrabooks) this issue (https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-46273) investigated here (Grasshopper performance - 5 vs 6) would solve a lot of problems. In normal view modes Rhino 5 with AA looks just as good as Rhino 6 but only has to render 1/4 of the pixels and hence runs significantly faster, which is particularly noticeable with dynamic changes from Grasshopper (kangaroo etc runs at >200% performance in 5).

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This already is possible for Raytraced, all the other modes need attention from @stevebaer and @jeff


Just want to say I am really enjoying V6. I am running on a 10 core iMac pro with the Vega 64 in boot camp. Love it. No complaints at all- best Rhino experience I have had and I been a user since V3. Hope to able to use V6 without boot camp soon. :wink:

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We run Windows 10 natively on our iMac Pros and we experience terrific problems with Windows displaying consistently at 4K resolution and above. Text rendering is archaic and while some may think this is all to do with aesthetics - it isn’t. It has everything to do with eye fatigue and eye strain among our modelers. We are very concerned to keep our staff’s MK 1 human eyeballs in tip top condition. Windows sadly doesn’t help at all. Rhino operates and renders perfectly under macOS. If only all of the Windows features and add-ons were available for the macOS platform, we’d be as happy as clams.

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Seeing this thread title in the main discourse page is sad and unfair. Rhino 6 is rock solid, the performance is better than any other software I use, and the improvements from V5 to V6 are impressive. Whenever I go back to V5 for an old plugin I realize how arcane it all looks and feels compared to V6.

Rhino being able to work with older computers and less powerful graphics cards is admirable, since this allows tens (or hundreds?) of thousands of people around the world to be able to make a living making things in Rhino in all kind of jobs, crafts, projects.

But hardware aside I also think that working with outdated builds of Windows, not even on their latest service packs, that have been in use for too long can be a complete timesuck for everyone.

In general I use Windows machines as disposable builds. Windows 10, especially in the last few months, has been the best Windows ever, but still I don’t expect a Windows build to last in a reliable or fast way for more that 1, 1.5 years.

Re-installing Windows is now easier that ever, in many systems you can even do a system restore process without having to use any media, or even punching your serial number. Programs also install really fast, and in most places you will have really good bandwidth to access the latest installers of all your software quickly.

I think it still exists a mental model that setting up a new system takes days of lost work, but this is not a reality anymore. I have a lot of software and a lot of files and a lot of tweaks in my system but it all can be setup/restore from scratch in only 4-5 hours of I have a good internet connection. I mean a more common 25MB download good, not 600MB download good. And my files? All backed up on a paid cloud service that syncs to my local machine. That can take maybe a day to restore, but you can do a selective/partial sync first of just the current project folders to get back up and running and later to the rest.

My biggest revelation was that this was sooo fast and sooo easy to do once I had an excel sheet listing all the software I need to install (with url to their installers, and serial numbers/login info needed), and a document listing all three windows/Rhino/Photoshop/etc customizations that I do.

The best part of this? If I ever get a system fail and I’m in the middle of a busy time, I can be up and running again in only a couple of hours, to be operational, and in two more hours when I get a change, finish up all my restores and installs. I’m lucky enough to have multiple systems so this is never an issues but if I was ever traveling with just one computer (I dream of a future day that I will be able to do that) I would be ok.

Tobias, all, I hope this insight helps. And it would be great if you can edit this thread title to: “Rhino 6 still unusable in older computer w/ old used-up Windows build” …it’s the fair thing to do IMO.

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I strongly recommend using blocks instead of copies of the same objects - much more efficient and much more manageable, or even external block (loaded from separate file) - improves performance, and in some render engines (i.e. Octane) is treated as instance so no memory impact what so ever.



Hi Gustavo,
Believe me, all I want is to like Rhino 6 too. My system is like it is cause it works perfectly for what I need, and I won’t fix a working thing.

I upgraded my video card for Rhino 6… unfortunately the display is still bad. See my screenshots above. Tomorrow I’ll do a clean install of Windows 10 and I’ll just put Rhino 6 and we’ll see if that fixes things.

Apart from the display issues I still think that the “whats new” list of Rhino 6 is …hmmm… not so impressive (to put it mildly), but that’s another story and I’ve already posted about it, and like I said i’ll stop ranting about Rhino 6 anyway.


This is not true. There is no Windows 7 SP2. Actually my Windows installation is up to date.


You’re right!
Sorry for the confusion. Must have been a decade ago since I last used this OS :wink:

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The other reason I chimed in your topic is because these kinds of problems are a substantial diversion of resources of McNeel developers. Just look at how many of them are all involved here trying to help you, instead of spending their time developing new things. We all know how they operate: they will drop everything if a customer is having trouble with existing builds, and until that’s not solved there will be no work on new features by anyone that will always prioritize their time to make sure we are all working well with the existing tools.

I’m looking forward to see what you learn after you do a clean install in Windows 10. And BTW, I don;t mean to be a hard ass about your situation, it’s a difficult one, just wanted you to see a broader perspective.





I guess you’re one of the lucky ones. I have a new-ish (1 yr. old) machine with an OEM Windows installation and Rhino 6 performance is markedly inferior to Rhino 5.
Here’s an example of the anti-aliasing on a simple model in Arctic mode.

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Tell us more… how is that worse than V5’s Artic mode? Can you show comparison screenshots side by side?


There is no Arctic mode in V5. Not in my set-up anyway.

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Exactly… so you are comparing to a feature that does not exist in V5, saying it’s worse in V6? That’s what I wanted to point out.

Let’s see some screenshots of V5 vs V6 on viewmodes that exist in both. And then we can help these folks make a better product.

…and BTW, having more/better antialiasing in Artic would be nice, but that’s off topic.