Rhino 6: starts slowly without internet


my customer complains, that Rhino 6 needs to start 2min40s, and with internet connection 50s. The license is installed local. Here are his specs: Rh6 Sys.txt (1.6 KB)

What to check?



Hm - either way seems much too long - here Rhino6 starts in maybe 5-7 seconds.
@brian - do you have an idea?


@Michael_Meyer start Rhino and enable debug logging like this:

-_TestEnableDebugLogging _Enable=Yes _SaveTo=File

Then close and restart Rhino. A file named RhinoDebugMessages.txt will be created in the user’s Documents folder. Please send that to me - it should help me see what is taking so long.

Hi @brian,

here is the RhinoDebugMessages.txt file from my customer:
RhinoDebugMessages.txt (2.5 KB)



That’s a weird log. It almost looks like Rhino quit in the middle of startup. How long did the user say this instance took to launch?

You mentioned that when the user is connected to the internet it takes 2.5 minutes, and disconnected it takes 50 seconds. Both of those are pretty long - especially the first.

Is this user running an evaluation version of Rhino?

Hi Brian,

2min40s without internet connection (what he needs, because of security reasons), and with internet connection 50s.

He’s running a commercial version.



Does the timing change if he disables all of his wired and wireless network adapters, in addition to being disconnected from the internet?

Hi @brian,

the PC has only a LAN connection and no WLAN. The latest 3dconnexion driver are also installed now.

  1. With LAN-connection: 90 seconds Rhino says “viewport will be prepared”, after 120 seconds Rhino 6 is ready, and he can start working.

  2. Without LAN (cable pulled): Rhino starts now after 12 seconds.



Michael, Brian,

Of course everyone may have a different issue with the same symptoms: we have had a similar problem over many years with Rhino 5 and just recently 6 as well (a bug we reported quite a few times too!).


With Rhino 5 we eventually found that ending the process ‘McNeel update service’ corrected the problem initially, then within Rhino itself, we disabled ‘updating/usage statistics’ as a permanent fix. It seems that if that process was unsuccessful, Rhino would get stuck.

The problem was not with windows update - we tried stopping that too but only stopping ‘McNeel update service’ would work.

Of course why update would not work is not clear - this could be very user specific, and I’m not blaming update here! only 1:3 of ours users was affected, some networks never had the issue and only some users had it all of the time.

There seemed to be a correlation between network speed and the likelihood a user would have the issue.


In Rhino 6, we have not yet found a definite solution or confirmed the problem (or that there is one problem!).

We have a suspicion that there is a clash with dropbox and similar programs that maintain virtual links/maintain apparent links to offline files: if any of the files in the recently used list in the startup splash screen are not local (accessed only via smart sync) it appears that dropbox attempts to download the file. Rhino waits.

To fix this, we start Rhino without a splash screen. i.e. we use this line to start Rhino:

“C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\Rhino.exe” /nosplash

There are of however hundreds of possible reasons. I apologise in advance if this post is yet another dead end for you.