Rhino 6 SR8 doesn't display a object bug or not bug (SOLVED )

Hello every one

recently i have à polysurface in a block that don’t appears.

rhino 6 SR8 show this object in wirframe mode but

in render mod the object didn’t appear.

The link shared on my file

Display bug object.3dm

Best regards

not always is a bug. try to explode and rejoin the object

Thanks for your response But
I use the block edit command and.
If i explod the polySrf and rejoin all sufaces then the display is OK

but if i close the blockedit editor then the diplay of my object is off :frowning:

Hello - see if running ClearAllMeshes and then reset the view to shaded helps here.


Hi Thanks you Very much.
the “ClearAllMeshes” command is very good

the display is good

very thank