Rhino 6 SR4 new bug

I have updated to SR4 of Rhino 6 and yes it has solved the isue of leaders creating a “no go zones” on layout pages but has now created another issue.
I use a title block that contains a page layout with title block containg drawing reference, description, address and other drawing data. included in the titel block is a logo that is created by the Picture command. The problem is that in this service release the image in the picture does NOT show when you print the drawnigs out.

The whole point of having a title block is that the same block can be used on al layouts istead of creatiing separate ones on each layout. Imaghe shows up on the layout ok but when I try to rpint the layout the ONLY way I can get the “picture” image to show up in the print layout preview is if I explode the title block. Then it shows ok.

I have even created a layout with the picture image drawn in a rectangle and all is well; the image shows in print preview and prints. However if I take the same layout and select the image and the rectangle to create a block, the rectangle still shows and the picture image disappears !!
It such a pity than in solving one issue Rhino have created another.

Lee Roth