Rhino 6 SR12 Release Candidate Available

Rhino 6 SR12 Release Candidate 1 (6.12.18345) is now available.
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Crashes Fixed:

  • File IO: System.NullReferenceException: System.Windows.Forms.TreeView.CustomDraw (Message& m) (RH-49784)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Camera: Camera rotation centering (RH-49770)
  • DevLoft: RhDevelopableSurface::UntwistSurface() returns false when input rulings are already perfect (RH-49730)
  • Display:
  • Eto: System.NotImplementedException using Eto.Forms.SelectFolderDialog (RH-48720)
  • File IO: FBX doesn’t export vertex colors properly (RH-48914)
  • GetObject: CRhinoGetObject::SetGeometryFilter does not filter out top level SubD objects (RH-49365)
  • GetPoint: Crash with really long string input (RH-49719)
  • Properties: Objects names in Chair, Curve, Glass and Arrow options models (RH-49587)
  • SDK: Python: rs.TextOut error (RH-49664)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: ModifyTextureMapping (RH-49440)
  • Select: A request for a command to select Details (RH-46607)
  • Selection: Locked definition layer does not allow selection (RH-49752)
  • ShowEdges: Some SubD edges appear to be not highlighted (because some faces don’t get displayed) (RH-49419)
  • SubD: SubD - Copies cannot be selected until moved (RH-49701)
  • UserText: Undoing match Attribute user text deleting new Keys/Values but doesn’t recreate initial Keys/Values. (RH-49640)

Regressions Fixed:

  • Sweep1: On polycurve messier than in V5 (RH-49771)

Rhino 6 SR12 Release Candidate 2 (6.12.18351) is now available.
Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: Text:
    • Font field does not remember font names in Japanese (RH-49670)
    • Font field does not remember font names in Korean. (RH-49468)
    • Font field does not remember font names in Traditional Chinese. (RH-49661)
  • CommandPrompt: Keep degree entry for angles (RH-49749)
  • Crash Processing System: Log current Grasshopper component when solving definition (RH-49463)
  • Display: Edge offset (RH-49776)
  • Make2D: Parallel views (RH-49527)
  • SDK: RhinoCurveBoolean C++ SDK function request (RH-47891)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Brep.CreateTrimmedPlane appears to be broken (RH-49888)
    • RhinoDoc Open and Save events report invalid file name on Mac (RH-49887)
  • SelectionFilter: Incorrectly selects SubD sometimes (RH-49849)
  • SystemInfo: Should show hybrid video information (RH-49754)

Features Added:

  • RDK: Color DragItems for the Mac (RH-49743)
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Rhino 6 SR12 Release Candidate 3 (6.12.19008) is now available

Bugs Fixed:

  • Cycles: Matte materials raytrace all black using cubin files compiled with CUDA 10 (RH-49636)
  • Delete: Deleting lots of history objects and parents is slow (RH-49741)
  • Display: GH text tag does not show in layout (RH-50142)
  • EdgeSrf: Leaks memory (RH-49971)
  • File IO: Error message on cancel (RH-49871)
  • Localization: Typo in en-usEtoRdkUI.xml (RH-49954)
  • Make2D:
  • Mesh: UnweldVertex: Should work with SubD vertices? (RH-49762)
  • No Subsystem: Floating previews are white while resizing (RH-49955)
  • Print: Picture not Printing with Detail Clipping to Rhino PDF (RH-49079)
  • Purge: Hatch in block changes pattern on purge, save and reopen (RH-49808)
  • RDK:
    • CRhRdkTexturedContentField is essentially useless (RH-43752)
    • DragDrop datasource for Content Library Dialog (RH-49734)
  • Rendering:
    • Adjusting saturation for an HDR in a Renv affects lighting intensity too much (RH-38732)
    • Custom render meshes are not rendered by third party renderers (RH-50072)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Wish - Add linked or linked/embedded instance definition to File3dm (RH-49968)
  • SelectionFilter: Sub-objects checkbox visibility (or general case) sizing bug (RH-49817)
  • ShowEdges: Zoom action improvement (RH-49928)
  • SubD Editing: Missing SubD faces when extruding an Ngon with creased edges (RH-49815)
  • SubDFromMesh:
    • Change the name of SubDfromMesh to ToSubD (RH-49840)
    • ToSubD - remove shaded in all views option. (RH-49991)
  • Subobject Selection: Select one menu has wrong texts (RH-49986)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Cycles: :CUDADevice::reserve_local_memory – Access Denied (RH-48541)
  • No Subsystem: Commands.ViewModels.MeshRepairWizardViewModel.UpdateCheckStatesAndLog () (RH-49882)
  • Rendering: rdk!ShrinkDataInt – Access Denied (RH-49175)


  • Explode: Exploding linked block makes all layers visible (RH-49038)
  • Snapshot:
    • MatchSnapshot command added to copy snapshot object properties (RH-50000)
    • Simple drag and drop added to snapshot panel (RH-50001)

Features Added:

  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Have a way to tell an ObjectPropertiesPage (or other panel hosts) when they are closed/disposed (RH-49990)
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Rhino 6 SR12 Release Candidate 4 (6.12.19016) is now available

Bugs Fixed:

  • Localization: Export > X3D dialog > Title is not localized (RH-50326)
  • RDK: Raytraced backface materials broken (RH-43896)
  • RectangularLight: Pre-pick manipulation of rectangular light doesn’t allow snapping to corners (RH-49551)
  • SDK: Python: Update samples to use != (RH-49811)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Cycles: Sporadic crash with during creation of content field. (RH-50232)