Rhino 6 SR1 randomly crashes while Grasshopper is running



Application name with errors: Rhino.exe, version: 6.1.18037.13441, timestamp: 0x5a7a2f9b
Module name with errors: VCRUNTIME140.dll, version: 14.11.25506.0, timestamp: 0x5967d7ce
Exception code: 0xc000041d
Error offset: 0x000000000000c500
Process identifier with errors: 0xb88
Start time of the application with errors: 0x01d3a3f4d34671ee
Path of the application with errors: C: \ Program Files \ Rhino 6 \ System \ Rhino.exe
Module path with errors: C: \ Windows \ SYSTEM32 \ VCRUNTIME140.dll
Reporting Identifier: 34bf29b7-c02c-40e5-83e4-3c3bc92f64b4
Full name of the package with errors:
Relative application identifier of the package with errors:

(Brian James) #2


Was there a crash reporter that popped up when this happened and if so did you send it in from the email you use here on the forum?

If there’s a file that you can reproduce this with, either 3dm/GH or both, please post it or send it in to tech@mcneel.com as well listing the specific steps you take. I’m curious if maybe something is being calculated in a Rhino viewport or in the GH canvas when this happens such as using Raytraced mode or Kangaroo in GH.

Can you also run the SystemInfo command and provide the text it reports? Thanks.


This time it crashed just by placing one of Grasshopper’s built-in components in the document. The solution had just three components and the model only contained a NURBS curve. I completed the Crash Report Form each time.

(Brian James) #6

Thanks for sending in the report. We searched for the email address you use here in the forum but didn’t find any crash reports. Did you send them in from another email address? There’s a field in the crash reporter where you enter your email address.


I was having intermitent connection at the time maybe they were not sent at all. :grimacing:
I rolled back to SR0 and the problems are gone so far maybe this weekend I can give it try again.


Oops I have just discovered the memory dumps at %userprofile%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps
Do they contain any personal data? Can I directly post them here?

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #9

maybe better to post them with rhino3d.com/upload - copy the link to this discussion so we know to what the upload belongs to



(Tim Hemmelman) #12

Hi LowEndSilicon,

Is there any chance we could get the Grasshopper file you’re using when you get the crashes? The crash looks like it’s in display code but the code in question looks sounds ( the crash is actually an unhandled exception in the c runtime). We like to try repeating your crash here, in a debugger.


(Dale Fugier) #13

Hi @LowEndSilicon,

This has been reported before:


We’re looking to find a way to repeat it here…


– Dale


Sadly the crashes took place before I could save the Grasshopper files. :neutral_face:


I’ve had what seems to be the same problem several times, I have sent the crash report with the .3dm file attached.

When the last crash happened, I was trying to put back the camera center to the axis origin in perspective viewport.