Rhino 6 SR1 Available

Rhino 6 Service Release 1 Release Candidate 1 (6.1.18018) is now available. To get it, subscribe to the Release Candidate update stream.

New in SR1 RC1:

Crashes Fixed:

  • Choose One Object: :HighlightItem – Access Denied (RH-42533)

SDK Features:

  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • :m_BBoxMode to RhinoCommon (RH-31650)
    • CustomMeshObject - how to use RecordHistory? (RH-22907)


  • Grasshopper: Components:
    • Rectangle3D detector improvement (RH-42375)
    • mesh flip &UnifyNormals in GH (RH-38408)
  • UDT: Using Taper and Stretch on control points (RH-42954)

Performance Improvements:

  • Cycles: Raytraced OpenCL is very slow (RH-42902)
  • PrintPreview: Paper size selection may hang in TestPrintDialog (RH-42704)

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation:
    • Text wrapping error (RH-42972)
    • DimAngular: Angular dimension text location different in V6 than V5 (RH-42029)
    • DimRadial: The RichTextArea is almost hidden by default in the edit dialogs of the radius and diameter dimensions (RH-42965)
    • Hatch: Hatch pattern rotation wrong with rotated cplane (RH-42983)
    • Leader: Add endpoint osnaps to leader curves (RH-43107)
    • Text: Portion of Text does not show in the viewport… (RH-39282)
  • Arc: Deformable arc wiggly (RH-30212)
  • ArcBlend: ArcBlend not scriptable (RH-29973)
  • Bend: No preview for points (RH-42893)
  • BlendCrv: Edit messy (RH-42806)
  • BooleanUnion: Should not destroy per-face material assignments (RH-42476)
  • ChamferEdge: Fails in V6 OK in V5 (RH-42522)
  • Cycles:
    • Block object transforms in a Raytraced mode seems to cause the object to lose its transformed position (RH-43167)
    • Initial reflection in copper metal has wrong color (RH-42781)
  • DPI Aware:
    • Some spinners in Rendering panel are not scaled up (RH-43277)
    • Usage Statistics dialog too large (RH-42923)
  • Decals:
    • ‘Show’ command shows hidden decal widgets (RH-43316)
    • Does not prompt for picking a bitmap (RH-42550)
  • Display:
    • Broken Isocurves (RH-32604)
    • Copies of Technical mode switch to non-technical pipeline and lose technical mode settings (RH-41131)
    • Deleting the background image name in Artistic and Pen modes permanently deletes it (RH-42133)
    • Text shows artifacts (on VMWare) (RH-42711)
  • DupBorder: Leaves out a small edge segment (RH-42789)
  • EditPythonScript: On top of everything (RH-42962)
  • Elevator Mode: Constraint UI change? (RH-42683)
  • Export: Text on Some Layouts is Messed Up (RH-36212)
  • ExtractConnectedmeshFaces:
  • FBX: Rectangular and Linear Lights cause FBX export to fail. (RH-43370)
  • File IO:
    • CRhinoFileUtilities::FileIsWritable returns false when saving to DropBox (RH-43123)
    • Issues saving to V5 from V6 (RH-29995)
    • PDF import does not maintain text when using the text option (RH-10123)
    • STEP import takes a long time on file with large number of blocks (RH-42682)
    • STEP import/Open broken in V6.1 (RH-43518)
    • Support DWG I/O of per-viewport layer states (RH-25713)
    • Want to save as Rhino 5, but it does not let me… (RH-43330)
  • FilletEdge:
    • Edit feature does not pay attention to the original rail type (RH-42506)
    • Extra flash (RH-42543)
  • FitCrv: Should call RhinoFitCurve() (RH-42327)
  • Grasshopper:
    • Escape should cancel slider animations (RH-42636)
    • Goo group internalising doesn’t work (RH-42156)
    • Mesh naked edges are too difficult to merge. (RH-40126)
    • Panel streaming not handling missing target well (RH-42154)
    • Plane z-axis display broken (RH-42158)
    • Popup box operator shortcuts instantiate legacy components (RH-42487)
    • Relays inserted into hidden wires (RH-42160)
    • Wire arrows wrong. (RH-42159)
  • Grasshopper: Components:
  • Help: Minor corrections for V6 Help (RH-43369)
  • Hide: Isolate the last object (RH-43431)
  • IdleProcessor: Navigating away from IdleProcessor option page causes exception (RH-43048)
  • Installer:
    • Rhino 6.1 cannot install over 6.0 (RH-42361)
  • Join:
    • Curve joining is slow (RH-42969)
    • Make the default ‘Yes’ (RH-42792)
    • Should not show ineligible choices in ChoseOneObject box (RH-42846)
  • Lasso: Nested Lasso selects subobjects when whole objects are expected (RH-42672)
  • Licensing and Validation: MR50P licenses can’t be added to Zoo 6 (RH-43428)
  • Localization: Default Content and Render Content must be in English (RH-43480)
  • Loft: Loft - Special case for converging curves (RH-42892)
  • Make2D:
  • Menu: “Download Plug-ins…” help menu point to Food4Rhino (RH-42928)
  • MeshFromLines:
    • Accommodate duplicates (RH-42347)
    • Can not get a completed mesh object (RH-43003)
  • No Subsystem:
    • Demonstrate using the 6.x branch (RH-42167)
    • Save/Reload Settings for new Print Dialog (RH-42226)
    • Saving to Dropbox folder fails (RH-43114)
  • OSnap:
    • Selection, and color changes - tune up. (RH-42610)
    • Toggle inside the Curve command behavior change (RH-42192)
  • OneView: Label (RH-42717)
  • PackageManager: Debug Rhino crashes when installing a package (RH-42982)
  • PointDeviation: Broken in 6.1 (RH-43262)
  • Print:
    • Orange and black (RH-43424)
    • Orange and black (RH-43441)
    • Vector Printing Not Printing Split or Trimmed Images (RH-41274)
  • PrintPreview:
    • Add ViewCaptureSettings to new Print Dialog UI (RH-42465)
    • Add custom paper size and needed controls to paper sizes combo list (RH-42467)
    • Hook up PDF export to new Print UI (RH-42631)
  • Properties:
    • The descriptor “Open” is no longer shown in Properties (RH-43210)
    • View page button bar does not update page list when renderer is changed. (RH-43383)
  • RDK:
    • Brazil custom sections disappear when opening a new document (RH-42977)
    • Groundplane auto-elevation doesn’t work for CRM (RH-39528)
    • RhRdkGetRdkDocumentNoStaleCheck failed (RH-43154)
    • Texture evaluators directly access the document (RH-42609)
    • v6 material templates bump texture is shown in display but not rendered (RH-43159)
  • Rebuild:
    • Make the point count match the degree (RH-17918)
    • Not updating preview (RH-41567)
  • Rendering:
    • Setting Brazil as current renderer messes with render settings in Raytraced (RH-43406)
    • bump map causes texture garble in Rendered mode (RH-43099)
    • specify sort order of sections (RH-42975)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • “By Object” Does Not Show Model Materials (RH-42933)
    • “By Object” Does not Offer “Default Material” (RH-42935)
    • 3ds file doesn’t display material textures when opened (RH-42952)
    • A ‘Default material’ appears after deleting the last material (RH-42973)
    • Converting Glass RDK material to Custom error (RH-43197)
    • Duplicate copies wrong material (RH-42526)
    • Multiple selection doesn’t work correctly for materials (RH-43150)
    • The wrong type of material is created when pasting an object (RH-43137)
  • SDK: Breakage in Rhino 6.x - fix urgently. (RH-43512)
  • SDK: GHPython:
    • Console out help (RH-42946)
    • Customize starting text (RH-42948)
    • Run and Compile buttons (RH-42947)
    • Support ghdoc variable in compiled scripts (RH-43345)
    • Windows 10 anomalies in GhPython editor (RH-43226)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • :IsZero() and ON_Xform::Zero (RH-29160)
    • :m_eFillMode in RhinoCommon (RH-38427)
    • :m_nPointSize in RhinoCommon (RH-28625)
    • CommitChanges will revert a custom mesh to normal mesh (RH-28526)
    • Expose CRhinoAppGeneralSettings.m_bSplitCreasedSurfaces (RH-27100)
    • Expose RhinoApp().AppSettings().GeneralSettings().m_bSplitCreasedSurfaces (RH-31655)
    • Foreach RhinoDoc.Lights is empty (RH-41899)
    • Get OpenGL Antialias Mode level from RhinoCommon (RH-39091)
    • Modify Display Mode Surface Edge Thickness (RH-43110)
    • ON_UserDataHolder_MoveUserDataFrom is not thread safe (RH-33424)
    • Override ToString() in RhinoObject (RH-41704)
    • Problem with RhinoCommon GetSubObjects (RH-30320)
    • Remove or add viewport ids from ClippingPlaneSurface (RH-32856)
    • RhinoCommon - Hatch scaling/Annotation Scaling (RH-30105)
    • RhinoDoc.Objects.Replace(ObjRef, Hatch?) (RH-42598)
    • RhinoGet.GetView broken (RH-43489)
    • RhinoObject.HideInDetail, RhinoObject.ShowInDetail (RH-34998)
    • SDK Break affects Elefront. (RH-42907)
    • System.IndexOutOfRangeException in custom GetObject (RH-29296)
    • Unable to modify object names using Rhino3dmIO (RH-40742)
    • UserDataList.Exists function request (RH-28424)
    • Wrap RhinoCreateArcBlend for RhinoCommon (RH-42514)
  • SDK: RhinoScript:
    • Expose CRhinoApp::LicenseUserName() to RhinoScript (RH-42670)
    • Have script editors show up on the taskbar (RH-42915)
    • TextObjectText() and LeaderText() - modifying existing text objects fails (RH-43486)
  • SelChain: SelChain and mesh objects (RH-42145)
  • Selection:
    • Curves on surfaces are difficult to select in v6 (RH-43440)
    • In Worksession attached files (RH-42822)
    • SelNone does not work transparently (RH-30328)
  • SelectionFilter: Disable button on Selection Filter makes text bold (RH-42510)
  • SetUserText: Tab key usability (RH-40630)
  • SubD:
  • Surface-surface intersection:
    • Intersect failure reported by GemVision (RH-34080)
    • Intersection gappy (RH-41144)
    • Intersection of two cones. (RH-39730)
  • Toolbar: Make new toolbar to spreadsheet tools (RH-43348)
  • UDT: default CP on for curve creates disconnected CageEdit box (RH-42727)
  • UI Cleanup:
    • -SetDisplayMode Rendered and Raytraced are the same - Serengeti - McNeel Forum (RH-43005)
    • Partially hidden text in Save As V5 model dialog (RH-42573)
  • Undo: MaximumUndoMemoryInMegabtyes miss-spelled (RH-42285)
  • Update System: Check for Updates shows non-public BETA (RH-43179)
  • Volume: Discrepancy (RH-38795)
  • VolumeMoments: Principal Volume Moments (RH-42797)

Please report any problems in this forum. Thanks!

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New in Rhino 6 SR1 RC2
Released Jan 23, 2018. To get it, subscribe to the Release Candidate update stream.


  • Hyperlink: Add “Control + Pick” to follow hyperlinks (RH-42810)


  • CPlane: CPlane > Object location (RH-43201)
  • ChangeSpace: Blocks left behind (RH-43469)
  • Display: Changing anti-alias setting makes objects draw in wireframe (RH-37356)
  • FilletEdge: ShowRadius should be absolute (RH-42544)
  • Gumball: Simplify prompt (RH-42970)
  • IncrementalSave: Adds/deletes 0’s (RH-42700)
  • Localization:
    • The default environment can not be loaded automatically in zh-cn V6 (RH-43144)
    • When clicking on a dimension for the first time the top part of object properties does not show. (RH-43244)
  • Create “.” character to hide keys from Document/Attribute User Text (RH-42118)
  • OneView: Add MaximizePerspective=Yes/No (RH-42698)
  • OpenNURBS:
    • Opennurbs Sample 3DM files need to be updated. (RH-43594)
    • example_convert fails to write extrusion to V3 3dm file (RH-41846)
    • opennurbs_6.0.18009.02391 C++ toolkit - Apple XCode warnings. (RH-43498)
  • Panels: Searching for materials (RH-38140)
  • PrintPreview: Create paper size previews for new print window (RH-42461)
  • RDK: WCS controls not laid out correctly in narrow window (RH-42782)
  • Rebuild: Master curve as a button on the dialog (RH-43027)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Rhino3dmIO does not contain access to Lights. (RH-41622)
  • Snapshot: Snapshots transition does not update the Ground Plane (RH-38966)
  • Templates: MM templates have messed up Sun defaults (RH-43585)
  • UVEditor: Chain in Unwrap has a typo and doesn’t work (RH-38471)


  • OneView: Save custom CPlanes (RH-41613)

New in Rhino 6 SR1 RC3
Released Jan 31, 2018. To get it, subscribe to the Release Candidate update stream


  • File IO: Second click on DGN import option button crashes Rhino (RH-43596)


  • CurveThroughPt: History is broken with points from a Block (RH-43161)
  • Display: Shaded display mode broken in SR1 RC (RH-43744)
  • Localization: Lots of buttons on Object properties tab show up in English again in 6.1 (RH-43681)
  • MeshFromLines: Can not get a completed mesh object (RH-43003)
  • No Subsystem: More menu icons are needed (RH-42271)
  • Options: Clipboard option on Files page tune up (RH-43649)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Rhino3dmIO Fails to Build (RH-43697)

Typo: The description of the input Fn of the new Flip Mesh Grasshopper component says “vertex” rather than “'face”.

Logged as RH-43971.`[quote=“visose, post:5, topic:53361”]
The description of the input Fn of the new Flip Mesh Grasshopper component…

Logged as RH-43971.

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Rhino 6 Service Release 1 (build 6.1.18037.13441) is now officially released. All existing Rhino 6.0 builds should automatically update, or you can download from our web site at https://www.rhino3d.com/download.


RH-43971 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate