Rhino 6 Settings and 'Scan, Cleanup, and Remodel'

Hi, I’m trying to faithfully follow the instructions for the “Scan, Cleanup, and Remodel” article found here: https://www.rhino3d.com/resources/1055

Unfortunately, it was written over 10 years ago for Rhino 4. On page 2 (4 of the pdf), there are some settings I cannot find, specifically ‘Flat Shading,’ and Backface Settings. Are these under different names, or hidden in another section somewhere?

Nevermind, it’s strange…when I created a new Display Mode from scratch, I was not given the options. But when I copied the “Shaded” mode, I found them easily. Did I miss some kind of option when I created a new Display Mode?

Hi - thank you for that report.
I have created the following issue tracker: RH-51986