Rhino 6 Render Viewport Upon Install is not working as shown on website

I installed rhino 6 on my computer today. It gave me the message in the first image upon opening. I looked into into but coulding figure out why my objects in the rendered view, even the “arctic” mode were not showing up as they do for others in videos i saw. I tried changing the material but it doesnt matter the objects just show black like this until i actually look at a “render preview” or “render”. In that case i can see the proper material displayed.

You must have had the Rhino WIP installed before v6 was released. Or you installed CyclesForRhino manually.

That plug-in is actively blocked by Rhino 6, Cycles is available to you as the Raytraced viewport mode.

For the viewport problem, can you post the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo?

thanks for the reply jesterking! i don’t know what this tells you but i hope it helps!!

Hello - Parallels is not supported I’m afraid.

thank you for informing me! i guess i’ll just have to get an msi laptop this at the end of this semester