Rhino 6 Render transparency broken

I’m testing a material, and have found a bug that i don’t see elsewhere here. I’ve made a box with filleted edges. The box is UV Mapped (capped box). I’ve applied a diffuse, trans… and bump map to the object, to give me a plate with holes in it. The transparent portions of the render mesh do not pass along color information of things behind the face transparency. material has high reflection (95%)

Viewport render preview works correctly:

Rendered window (with internal box nudged out to show it still is the green color) shows no interior colors.:

I am unsure why the render preview would work fine, but not the render engine.

Rhino 6 File: Transparency_RenderTest.3dm (8.5 MB)

Hello - I see that. thanks for the report. I see that raytraced viewport also does get it right, that may help for now.
Looks like it happens when there is a texture applied to the color channel as well as transparency.



Thanks Pascal!