Rhino 6 Release Candidate 1 Available


(Bob McNeel) #6


after install, do I just use the same Rhino Shortcut Scheme icon I’ve been using for Rhino 6 Beta? (i.e. is this just another updated Rhino Beta?)



Nearly 50% of the button mouseover text is missing. Maybe only in german translation?

(John Brock) #9

Correct. There is no cosmetic change to the beta.

(Wim Dekeyser) #10

That one is still on the slate for 6.1 - so, all hope is not lost :pushpin:
See RH-37073

It’s one of 2 things that I miss from Rhino 5. (The other being panels that remember their positions…).

(Mikolaj Jarski) #11

Not only - tooltips are missing from all language versions.
Youtrack issue: RH-43337

Rhino V5 FREEZE: Win 10 1709, nVidia display adapters, & V-Ray 3
(Przemysław Doliwa) #12

This is also missing ? https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-37686

(foreigner) #13

Viewport (Rendered) after use “SubDFromMesh” and delete the mesh object was black and freezing and the other viewports

(Steve Baer) #14

This is not slated for V6

SubD display in V6 still needs a lot of work and won’t be completed for the initial release of 6.0. We kept SubDFromMesh around because users needed it, but it is a “Test” command in Rhino 6.

We are investigating this issue this week.

(foreigner) #15

Thank you

(Brian Gillespie) #16

Looks like that bug never got logged. I just logged it as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43457

This bug will be fixed in the first service release. An SR1 release candidate will go out almost immediately after 6.0 is released.

There are 7,549 open issues on our bug tracker logged toward Rhino for Windows. Almost none of them will be fixed before we ship Rhino 6.

(Przemysław Doliwa) #17

@stevebaer @brian Sure i understand You have lots of work and i really appreciate that :slight_smile: I just thought it wouldn’t be that hard to fix cause afaik was last piece of achieving full dark ui experience i know there are more crucial things but this one would give few smiles on faces around :wink:

(Brian Gillespie) #18

That might be true. There are probably another 500 issues on the list like that. It’s not about hard or easy, it’s about minimizing the changes we make as we try to stabilize Rhino for release.


This is a small thing but the ‘between’ option is missing on the one-shot Osnaps. Am I missing something here?


It should show when holding Shift, rather than Ctrl while hovering over the OSnap window.


Between is now with Shift and not Ctrl.


Such a basic thing has to wait for a SR?
Users will be impressed.
Especially when they want to upgrade from V5.

(Willem Derks) #23


Am I missing something or is there no DevSrf panael?
I do find the DevLoft command but nothing on DevSrf.


(David Cockey) #24

DevLoft appears to be the replacement for DevSrf.


Wow I had no idea that functionality was there. Cool.