Rhino 6, printing to PDF, vector crvs terribly distorted

Yes, we are already working on this. @Trav is looking into the issues with export to PDF and I should be able to start looking at the choppy curve output from the print dialog next week. I won’t know when this will be fixed until I dig into the issue.

@a.p.haythornthwaite i’ve identified one of the issues with scaling and am working towards what will hopefully be a quick resolution (no pun intended).

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Ok, great, thanks…

Look forward to hearing how it goes, and trust it’s not too complicated a fix.

[quote=“Trav, post:22, topic:90542”]
identified one of the issues with scaling and am working towards what will hopefully be a quick resolution
[/quote] thanks trav! :slightly_smiling_face:

this issue seems related to my observations:

Somehow the dpi settings will effect the quality of the vector output. Vector-output should be resolution independent.
I would suggest to get away with the print dialog for data export in generell.

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HI Bast,

Do you mean it would be good to remove the print option all together?

I actually quite like the Print to pdf option… I like seeing the option to either print to a device, or to PDF. I think if they are able to resolve the resolution / curve output within the print command window, for me that would be a good result.

Hi Andrew,
no the print dialog seems fine for printing and PDF creation. But the svg-export shares the same UI what I would consider misleading and overly complex for its (simple) purpose.

Aha, I see what you mean…

I just tried an svg export in V6, and there seems to be the same issue with print to PDF, i.e scale not possible to control. But agree there is a lot of options to be defined within the svg export dialog box. I guess if you are always working at 1:1 it should not be problem? but if you need to scale that need to be controllable

The scale of the vector export should be irrelevant for the quality of the generated output. So most of the settings are kind of irrelevant. It would be far more useful if export-selected would be supported…

Hi Steve,

Checking in here to see if you have had any luck with increasing the line / curve quality when printing / saving to PDF?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest.



HI Travis,

Checking in to see if you have had any luck with improving the export to PDF function, scaling nd line weights, etc?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you,


@a.p.haythornthwaite hopefully the scaling issues will have been addressed in the next service release.

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I fixed this on Friday. The fix will be in the SR20 release candidate which we should be making available tomorrow.

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Ok, look forward to testing it out! Will let you know how I get on…



Great! Thanks trav… I suppose that is the same service release Steve mentioned?



@a.p.haythornthwaite mine may come to 6.21

Thanks Trav.

HI Steve, I believe my version has the latest SR 6.20 up to date, however, I am seeing the same issue with the quality of the crv out put… Here is a screen grab, and a PDF showing the chunky crvs still…

QWERTYUIOP _ TEST 2 _ Rhino Ver6 _ 2019.11.06.pdf (54.9 KB)

We were delayed in releasing the latest SR20 release candidate by one day. A new release candidate was just made available about an hour ago.

Thanks Steve,

i have just updated, and am getting much better results… : ], thanks for that…

I have however noticed that arcs and crvs still get broken down into line sections, and are not a pure out put. Do you think it will ever be possible to have true curve out puts? maybe in a future update?

However, for the mean time I am able to continue on using V6, which is great! : ]



This is one of the main differences between printing to PDF and exporting to PDF. The exporter uses Beziers instead of tessellation of curves.