Rhino 6 Print options gone!

Hi there

Anyone know why I suddenly have no print options when I try to print from Rhino 6?

It was ll working fine up until today.

I have recently installed an update for Visualarq but turned off the plugin in tools/options/plugins.

Print setup literally says static. I can still print but with no control over the output from the dialogue box.

I also get a plugin ID (see attached) not uploaded message. I cant seem to find a similar post on the forum.

Perhaps I need to completely remove Varq?

Im running Rhino in bootcamp.


Hello - if you have not, please try closing all sessions and reopening Rhino. And re-booting the machine.
Also, check in Options > Plug-ins page to see if the Renderer Development Kit is enabled and loaded.



Hey Pascal
Yip it was the Render Development toolkit!
thank you