Rhino 6 Oneview not working the same

Hello, I had a crash while doing a trim, After I reloaded what was left of the drawing I notice now OneView isn’t functioning the same, There is no little dialog, top right, telling the plane, and also shift/control snaps to a plane but the cp plane grid doesn’t change with. So I tried enable/disable OneView, and also toggling the options and cant get it back the way it was (default).

is the a reset for this?

ok, I just figured out how to reset it. after all the other digging around looking at setting I went into each of the view port, right clicked the tab and set view again.
In other words, I noticed top view was the only one without a CP Plane grid showing, even thought the tab said Top. So when I set view to top, the grid showed up. I did it for all the other view ports to make sure, then enable OneView again and it was working the way it was.