Rhino 6 missing tools

For the first time since upgrading Rhino started today without the tool panels I so meticulously organize.
It would not be bad if all you have to do to recover is recheck the boxes in the options menu.
I mention this because the dynamic extend button was missing now from the extend tool panel.
I wonder how to get it back since I use it a bunch.

Hi MS - the button that has the ‘Extend curve’ tooltip uses ExtendDymanic in the default toolbar.


Does that do it?


Thanks for the reply, Pascal.
I looked in the tool layout dialog and saw that the extend toolbox item was unchecked.
Upon checking the box the correct extend toolbox appeared with the dynamix extend button included.
Funny but it did it again a few minuted ago.
One item in the toolbox list was “New in Version 5”
I has just checked in the previous session “New inversion 6” which is no longer there.
I am confused by the tool layout technique now for sure.