Rhino 6: menu "Panels/Macro Editor" seams not to work


in Rhino 6.9 the menu panels/macroeditor doesn’t work.



P.S.: Hi @Joachim_Kuntz, also the menu translation “Panels” seams to be wrong, I think it should be “Panele”, as it was in Rhino 5.

It’s working here in English 6.9 RC

@John_Brock I think you need to test the German language version to see if it works. To me looks like a problem with localization…

@Joachim_Kuntz ?

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Seems to work here with my Rhino in German (English system though)…
(6.9.18247.3301, 04-09-18)

Hi @Michael_Meyer,

I really think it should be ‘Panels’, even if it is an anglicism, which are abundant in computer language anyway. ‘Panele’ to me sounds kind of dated and in any case would apply to photovoltaic modules.

Hi @John_Brock,

I have tested this now with the german interface in

Rhino 6 SR9 2018-8-28 (Rhino 6, 6.9.18240.23591) and
Rhino 6 SR9 2018-9-4 (Rhino 6, 6.9.18247.3301).

With the english interface the Macro Editor opens, with the german one not in both versions.

Hi @Joachim_Kuntz,

maybe you are right. I don’t like anglicisms, and would prefer the old translation “Panele”.

Thanks and have a nice weekend


Thanks for verifying this problem.

RH-48285 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate