Rhino 6 mac file will only open as read only

Just upgraded to rhino 6 for mac. I work on a vpn to a server so all files are saved there. When I try to reopen a file it will only open as a read only file. If I copy it to my desktop it opens as normal.
The wip also did this.
If I save it as a rhino 5 I do not have this problem.
It is something in rhino 6 that is doing this.
Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi Gurney,
Check this thread :wink: Read-only file


This is interesting because it seems to suggest it potentially isn’t specifically relating to a NAS or the read cache on a NAS, but just files saved remotely.

@gurney1 do you know what the VPN server is running on? Is it a NAS drive?

Its not a NAS drive.
Just a standard windows machine I think.
It may be being backed up dropbox though, could this be the problem?
I will try and fine out more.
I though it was just the wip but disappointingly it does it with the official release.

The VPN machine is operating on windows 8 and has 5 drives in it working on a raid system.
It is also backed up to dropbox.

Thanks Petr
I had seen this tread.
No solution though :neutral_face:

Anyway, as far as I can remember, there was a period when the WIP version acted normally…