Rhino 6 Mac Bug

When additional pages are added to layouts, the pages do not show up in the Properties: Clipping Plane / Layout Views until after the file is closed and reopened. Note how the Page 3 shows up on the right and not in the clipping plane properties panel on the left

We have tackled this problem a different way for V7.
Please give the Serengeti WIP a try and see what you think of the new, faster, simpler interface for Layouts.


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Love the way it is implemented in V7. Is it stable enough for business critical work? If so, I’ll jump over.


I think we’re far enough along in development that it’s pretty safe.

Great - Quck question related to Layouts in 7. Can they be opened side by side with the modeling windows, say on a second monitor? Also, do plugins work in the WIP?


I don’t think so. It’s more like Windows Rhino in that regard. Have two application windows open at the same time in a multi-document platform is a recipe for disaster.

Plug-ins have been possible in Mac Rhino since V5, but no major developers have built any yet.
Windows plug-ins are not cross-platform compatible with Mac.
The reverse will be true as well.

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