Rhino 6: Lock objects, control points still visible (why?)

Hi developers,

when I lock a curve:

  1. I select a curve, (control points become visible, since Rhino 6)
  2. I start the lock command
  3. curve is locked, control points ars still visible, but not selectable. I would expect, that the control points are off.



and old quote of mine:

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam : Locking a curve with points on should turn those off…

Showing points of locked curves is intended behavior…

Showing points of locked curves is intended behavior…

Why, no good reason comes to my mind?


Well, for example you create a surface with said curve and you want to align the surface control points with the curve control points without mixing them up.

I agree with Michael. I don’t personally have any use for showing points of preselected, locked objects - I just find the behaviour slightly annoying…
Please reconsider.