Rhino 6 License Validation Changes

Another approach FWIW (CAD config works very well with Rhino IMO)


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Don’t often come to Serengeti but after reading this thread, I’m a little worried. I purchased 1.1 and got a free upgrade to 2 but I have discovered I only have upgrade licenses for 3, 4 and 5 and nothing for 1.1 and 2. Does this mean I will have to purchase a full Rhino 6 license when it comes out?

You can always upgrade any earlier version to the most current version. There is not need to upgrade to the in between versions. Of course, you can only upgrade any version once.

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Back to some of the earlier questions. I need to have DevSrf available and currently it is not available for Rhino 6 WIP.

I’m a single user with a single Rhino 5 license which was upgraded from Rhino 4.

I currently have Rhino 5 and the Rhino 6 WIP on a desktop which is my primary machine and on a laptop for use when traveling.

When Rhino 6 is released will I be able to purchase an upgrade license which permits Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 on both my desktop and my laptop? After that will I be able to move Rhino 5 to a replacement for either the desktop or laptop?

Well, I personally think that the problem you try to solve with this policy change is slightly different from what you will actually achieve with #2.
Like many others here, I often need to open older projects which may only work with older plugins. So if for instance I need to re-install all my software on a new laptop because the old one broke, with that new policy I see a problem coming my way.
If that can be solved on a case-by-case basis via support, I’d be okay with it, but if it would be no longer possible at all to install a new v.5 on that said laptop after I upgraded to v.6 I could be in trouble.

That companies get confused about what licenses they have bought is better solved with a customer portal where they can log in and see what they have (I actually was surprised that nothing like that seems to exist for Rhino, even the smallest shops nowadays often have customer areas). Since you already have plans for that, I’d say that should work better for that scenario (other than that some people simply don’t get how software licensing works, that often is a permanent condition :wink: ).

If the company in question is “confused” the “other way”, and uses all five versions of Rhino at the same time on different machines, the intended change may or may not work for that. People suffering from this kind of “confusion” may also search for downloads on Google and “confuse” legitimate and illegitimate downloads.

So like always with copy protection, it’s a fine balance between preventing misuse and annoying legitimate users.

My personal reaction to #2 is quite negative.



Couldn’t some of this be solved by using a Transfer/Activate license method like SolidWorks?

Phil Cook

Same here! For instance I don’t plan to update TSplines for V6 (if there ever will be an update). The native SubD tools should be sufficient for my needs in this area. However, I’d need to be able to open/edit these old files.

Not to mention a bunch of other custom plugins for our pretty complex BIM solution… Even if it would be possible to re-compile these against V6, This would be a nightmare…

I think it would be a bad idea to let us pay for the dishevelment of other users not keeping track about their licenses.

Thanks for your feedback about this. It helps us understand where our imagination may be lacking.

I’m getting confused-
i’m single user, working either on my desktop or laptop. Rhino 5 is intalled on both, including same plugins. Rhino 6 WIP is intalled on one computer, along with Rh5. I would like to retain use of Rh5 plugins, till (if at all) plugin vendor ports these to Rh6.

So, does change no.2 impliy:
That if i try to install Rh5, on a new computer, after i have upgraded to Rh6 on old computer - Rh5 will not validate anymore?

You understand #2 correctly. It’s clear from people’s feedback that it may not be a very workable solution for everyone… we’re still thinking about how it will actually work. Please know that our primary goal is to make licensing work well for people who live within our licensing model, and more difficult for those that don’t. We certainly don’t want to take away things that you already have.

A possible solution:

An upgraded Rhino 5 license is no longer valid for installation of Rhino 5 on any machine. A Rhino 6 license also allows installation of Rhino 5 and other previous versions on the same machine as Rhino 6. This eliminates the need to keep records of which Rhino 6 license is linked to which Rhino 5 license.

Add to my suggestion above:

All Rhino 6 licences would be allowing installation of Rhino 5 and previous versions on the same machine as Rhino 6. If a Rhino 5 license is upgraded to Rhino 6 then that Rhino 5 license is cancelled.

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This is an interesting idea. We’d need to release a new version of Rhino 5 that could inspect the system for a Rhino 6 license.

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Not only that, but I would think that a scheme would need to be devised that would allow ANY older version to inspect for any newer version over a suitable range of versions - perhaps 3 or 4. This seems to imply the inspection system would need to be static into the foreseeable future. Can of worms or user-friendly feature?

A pretty good example of “future-proofing”. I’ve never been able to do that very well. At best it’s pretty hard. At worst, it doesn’t work after all, but adds complexity to the system.

Keep it simple. Provide a version of Rhino 5 which checks for a valid Rhino 6 license to be installed. The version of Rhino 5 might also check for the presence of Rhino 6 before running. The ability to also have Rhino 4 might be desired by a few people but Rhino 5 is the important one.

I’m sure there have been changes to how this will all work since the last post here…But it’s at the top of the list when I did a search…If there is a more current thread can someone please point me in the correct direction. I just bought the R6 upgrade today and need to install it on both my desktop and a laptop that is not supposed to be connected to the internet other than for an occasional windows upgrade…I did place a call to McNeel and a very nice lady tried to help me but said she would need to turn it over to Brian G.

The systems are never used at the same time and often the laptop would be used at a jobsite with no internet access. I am the only user of Rhino at my company.

Thank You

PS…Feel free to delete this post if need be.

@bwheeler I think I answered your question by e-mail and again here:
https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/faq/licensing - please let me know if you need more information.