Rhino 6 license issue

I have a rhino 6 legacy key that I registered as part of my package for gemvision matrix gold. When I open matrix, it says waiting for rhino and a dialog box pops up asking for the license. When I enter the license it tells me its already in use. The device it is saying is using the license is the actual device I am using. I can’t remove the license from this laptop bc the dialog box opens immediately when opening rhino 6 and closes the program.

What do I do?


Looking further into this it seems that rhino believes this is not the same device I used the license on. But it is the same device.

Does Windows have multiple users on the device?

No, only 1 user on it. When I validated the license, it asked for the device name and device ID. I entered “HP SPECTRE” for device name not knowing it mattered that much. When I go to device setting the name is actually “DESKTOP-XXXXXXX” or something like that. Is that what caused the issue?

Can you open Rhino outside of MatrixGold?

My knowledge of the Rhino license system is limited and I know nothing about MatrixGold. Someone else may need to assist you.

Yes I did try that and had the same results. I was able to keep the dialog box from closing the program by toggling off the internet. I was then able to go to tools> options> licenses and click change license. But I could not get the remove license option because it does not see this as the device the license was used on. It makes little sense to me as it worked without issue for the first day. I guess I should have set the license to cloud zoo upon install instead of just this device.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the Rhino licensing system will be along to assist. Otherwise you will need to wait until Monday to contact the help desk.

Thanks for your replies. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon. This software bundle was nearly $8000 and is unusable because of this.

For any license experts:

The problem is isolated to rhino 6. Rhino 7 has no validation issues.

For whatever reason, rhino 6 thinks I am using the legacy key on a different device. But it is not. Its the same device I installed on 2 days ago. Since it does not think this is the device that is currently registered, I am unable to remove the license and add it to the zoo cloud or use it on a different device. The device keeps telling me to remove the license from is the very device I am using.


I got in touch with support and they were able to solve the validation issue, despite me making a mess of it. Its working perfectly now. The support is great and were more than helpful.