Rhino 6 keeps crashing on my computer after update on 11/13

RhinoDebugMessages.txt (2.0 KB)
I recently downloaded an update for Rhino 6 on 11/13/20. After downloading this update I can no longer open rhino without it crashing immediately and giving me no explanation. I have ran Rhino on my computer for months with absolutely no issues until now. I have a Dell XPS 8940, Windows 10, intel i9-10900 2.80GHz 32GB memory and 2TB HDD / 512GB SSD / 2TBHDD and a Gefoce RTX 2070 Super Graphics card. I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling completely on my PC and went as far as to try installing an older version of Rhino i had on an older computer to it with no luck. I have attached the report from the start up and crash. All my computer drivers and software are up to date. Can anyone help me?

Sorry Brice, I can’t help you but I have the same issued. I download update on 11/18/20 and I can’t open it anymore.
I can open the version “safe mode” but it is not really pleasant to work on it.
Please, it is really urgent for me to solve the problem.
Thank you for your help Rhino community.
Best, Caterina

Hi all -
Does this help?



  • Is this a Desktop?
  • Does it have an onboard Intel 630 graphics chip?
  • Does Rhino’s SystemInfo tell you your graphics are “Non-hybrid”?

If yes to all 3:

  1. make sure you do not have a monitor connected to the Intel GPU through a backplate display port or HDMI port!
  2. Make sure all of your monitors are connected DIRECTLY to ports in your Nvidia GPU.
  3. After checking, then in Windows Device manager > Display adapters, Disable the Intel 630 GPU.

See if that makes Rhino run normally again.

This problem was caused by a bug in a recent Windows 10 update and effects ALL OpenGL applications, not just Rhino.
Jeff is working on a work-around for this Windows defect for an upcoming V6 Service Release.