Rhino 6: "-_IncrementalSave _Version=5 _Enter" not incrementing


I’ve got a customer request for an Rhino 6 IncrementalSave for Rhino 5 files. I would use this script:

-_IncrementalSave _Version=5 _Enter

-_IncrementalSave doesn’t seam to increase the filenumber. Any help?



Hi Michael,
Yes, I see that here as well - and also on Rhino 5 (saving as version 4).
I suppose that, ideally, the command could be smart enough to check for previous versions but I’m not sure if this can be made to work flawlessly in any situation. What if you, e.g., want to save both as Rhino 5 and Rhino 4 file formats? Ideally, an incremental save to v4 wouldn’t overwrite the v5 version…

I’ll put it on the list but I think that the best way to deal with this is first using regular incremental save to create a new version 6 file name and then use the version=5 macro. That way, you wouldn’t get this:

Hi Wim,

great, this works:

_IncrementalSave _save _Version=5 _Enter