Rhino 6 history regression


I’ve recently made the upgrade from v5 to v6, and there is two things that annoy me :

  • selecting a point or snaping in shaded mode is now very annoying, because if the geometry is 0.001 unit behind a surface it won’t select or snap. It makes sense when it’s much farther behind, but that makes drawing on surfaces very annoying. I now always use Gosthed mode and set the transparency to 1 when I want a shaded look…

  • history recording seem to be mandatory now, which is so annoying ! I used to enable history only for very specific tasks, now everytime I draw a line on a polysurface and then explode it, my line is fucked, I have to ctrl+z, purge history, and explode again. Moreover, it seems whatever I do I have a history break warning. I don’t want to disable the warning though because I want to know that there was a recorded history somewhere… before you ask me, yes Record is set to No in the History command. The workaround is to disable the Update option, but that doesn’t change the fact that a history is recorded whereas I don’t want it.

I adapted to these regressions pretty easily because I had years of experience with Rhino 5, but I sympathize to beginners who stumble on these bugs and think they must be doing something wrong.

Are those issues fixed in v7 ?
If not is there any plan on fixes ?
If not why ?

Hi Felix -

Have you tried the Rhino Options > Modeling Aids > Object snaps > Snap to occluded objects option in Rhino 6?

I can’t reproduce that behavior on Rhino 6 here. Could you provide step-by-step instruction and/or provide a 3dm file that shows this issue?

Hi Wim,

Thanks a lot for this advice, I didn’t know the option, this fixes my first issue.

Here are steps to reproduce :

Result :
The curve is transformed as if parented by history to the surface.

Expected result :
The curve should not be transformed.

Some context :

  • This is the state of the History settings while doing these operations :

Hi Felix -

History always being on for this command was intended behavior in Rhino 6 to make it possible to move points of the curve and force these to still be on the surface.

This has been fine-tuned in Rhino 7 where history follows the general history setting with the side effect that, if history wasn’t on when the curve was drawn, the edit option no longer is accessible.

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