Rhino 6 handling multiple photos very poorly

How’s it going everyone, as the title says when importing more than 10 photos rhino 6 starts preforming poorly. In my line of work I develop documentation for a factory so I use make2d diagrams and photo’s quite a bit. Rhino 5 handled everything fine but Rhino 6 seems to not do too well when more than 10 or 15 photos are placed. I noticed that these support packing files are being created, does that have something to do with it? Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for reading

Hi @dcomeau,
Can it be that materials are being duplicated with each image insertion?

Tanks for the reply ! I checked out the material settings, it looks like its at the bear minimum settings. I will keep on looking around next time I deal with a file with a lot of photos

Hello - you’re using the Picture command (v5 PictureFrame) I take it? Are the same images (size, in pixels, and type) used in both cases?
And, what is it that degrades? View manipulation?

Please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.



Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately my employer wont let me publish any system info. when importing photos with the picture command after importing maybe 10 photos using the picture command starts to stall and hang up for quite some time I would say two minutes or longer. I am not sure what could be the culprit, do you think I am running out of RAM? I have 16GB of it.

Hi -

I just tested inserting 84 pictures into a scene and am not seeing any slow-down at all.
Without specific system and file information, I’m afraid that there’s little that we can do.
Note that information that is uploaded on https://www.rhino3d.com/upload will only be visible to McNeel staff. If you use that option, please copy the link to this thread into the Comments field on that page.


Thanks for looking into the issue as per your comment I have uploaded my system info onto the link provided. It is strange what is occurring because I tired with my personal computer at home and I cannot replicate the issue. It is aggrivating because it is hindering my ability to create documents for my job. I am starting to think it is a network issue / communication with our servers that may be the issue. Anyways the information if submitted let me know what you think !

Thanks again !