Rhino 6 Gumball mouseover color

In Rhino 6, it looks like gumball arrows and planes all turn black when you mouse over them.

I use a black background in my workspace because I find it helps with eye fatigue, and I know other people do the same.

Unfortunately that means that in Rhino 6, when I mouse over gumball handles, they disappear.

Feature request for a future service release: add mouseover color to the gumball color options, which currently only let you change X, Y, Z and menu ball colors.

Or maybe it’d be easier to let us choose between the Rhino 5 mouseover behavior (slightly enlarging the handle) and the Rhino 6 black rollover.

In the meantime, can anybody suggest a workaround for this? (that doesn’t involve using a non-black workspace)

I do love the extrusion dots though!

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I do not like white background either, so I use gray background, and black color as the highlight color.