Rhino 6 - Gumball beginner questions

I’m doing my first steps on Rhinoceros by following this tutorial : https://vimeo.com/74783227?waterbottle_win

At 18:52 Kyle drag the red square and reduce the circle diameter (360°). But when I’m doing it the circle is not circle anymore and become an ovale.

Please see the following picture :

When I drag red square with shift touch hold down I understand that it allow us to manipulate the “x y z squares” at the same time : the circle is ok but the height is changed (z) … It looks like when Kyle drag red square it also drag the green one ?

Thanks !

Self answer : he is holding shift and since only an edge is selected there is no “z” so only “x” and “y” are used.

you beat me to the answer! yep…shift is the key there-

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