Rhino 6 Grasshopper Solid Boolean Slower than Rhino 5

I just started using Rhino 6 Trial version and realized that the Solid Difference in rhino 6 grasshopper is much slower than Rhino 5 Grasshopper.

I am wondering if anyone encountered a similar problem. For now, I am going back to Rhino 5 but want to figure this out for the future use.

I prefer Grasshopper Solid Difference than Rhino Solid difference especially when I boolean out multiple objects because Grasshopper ignore some conflicted geometry and give me a decent result.
I thought perhaps Rhino 6 Grasshopper is smarter than Rhino 5 and can’t ignore the conflicted geometry but not sure…

If you have any ideas to solve this problem, please let me know!

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Is there a similar delay when performing the solid booleans using Rhino commands in R5 vs. R6?

Hi David,
Rhino comment works really well. I think it is just a grasshopper solid different issue. I will explore more and update you if there is any clue.

Also good if you upload a case file so we really know we’re talking about the same thing.

Hey David,

there is another thread on this issue. and I am facing the same problem aswell. I can recreate the problem with the sample files provided in the other thread. As I will be referring to those files, I will attach them here for the sake of completeness.

I get comparable results to those described by @Simon_Vorhammer (1.7s for a single panel on “GH5” vs 2.4s for a single panel on “GH6”. If I use the Rhino boolean difference command it takes about 4.2s in both RH5 and RH6. I have to add, that the RH timings are maybe a little bit questionable, as I was taking them with my phone from the moment I pressed enter.

Any help or advice on this issue would be appreciated! Thank you!

Edit: Fixed the link

SD_GH_RH5.3dm (1.3 MB)
SD_GH_RH5.gh (12.3 KB)
SD_GH_RH6.3dm (1.2 MB)
SD_GH_RH6.gh (17.6 KB)

@DAUD was referring to this thread which holds another set of case files. The discrepancy between computation times gets worse with increased cutter count, by the way. Thanks for looking into this, @DavidRutten.
Cheers, Simon

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Boolean difference speed seems to have improved in Rhino 7 WIP.
The test files take less time to compute than in Rhino 5 and 6.

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